Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking Steps

Here's what Titus is working on in Therapy.

For those of you who recieve the updates through email, the video does not always come through, but you can look on the blog to watch.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I had mentioned a few weeks back that my position was being outsourced to India (but we weren't moving to India). Over the last few weeks, I interviewed internally and landed a new position in the HR department. Last week, I was in the UK for a series of process meetings as I moved into my new role.

The trip to the UK was interesting since I am still in therapy for my foot - and my stamina for walking / standing long periods of time is not exactly built up (especially around airports). So, as I returned this week, my foot has been swollen and in a bit of pain and I have continued going to therapy twice a week to work on flexibilty.

On Tuesday, one of our technical resources in the office came to my desk to complain about an event. He was quite animated and frustrated with the lack of communication in his area. After talking for a bit and coming to a resolution, I stood up and stated "Thanks - but I need to leave for therapy now."  To which he replied, "Maybe I should go with you - this place is crazy and I need someone to talk to".

I politely stated "I'm going to PHYSICAL therapy - not the other kind".

I then asked him "do you THINK I need to be in the other therapy?"

He didn't reply!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Overdue Update

Life has been incredibly busy this summer - so much so that I haven't updated the blog in a month.

Titus has been having a great summer. Except for the appearance of styes in his eyes over the past month, he has been healthy and happy. Last week, we took him to the natatorium for a party and floated him around the pool. We sat in the shallow end where the water would wash over his legs - and his little hands were open and searching. I sat him next to one of the bubbling jets and he would find the jet with his hands and smile/laugh as he felt the water flowing through his hands. We put a life jacket on him and took him to the lazy river to float around the pool - and he LOVED it.

He continues to do well in his feeding therapy - he's been eating small amounts of baby food, but just like his dad, he prefers ice cream much more than bland baby food.

Aidan just completed 3 weeks of day camp in preparation for Word of Mouth Productions - the theater troupe he has joined that performs in the area. He has learned his parts in Wizard of Oz (Tin Man and other parts), Robin Hood (Robin Hood), America Before Columbus, and a few other shows. They will perform in elementary schools and other venues during the school year. He's been quite excited - but we remind him to leave the drama at drama camp when he comes home.

Noah had music camp at the end of July where he had the role of Mordecai in the musical "Ester-ordinary Faith'. He did a great job and you could tell he was having fun with his friends on the stage. He also started football practice a few weeks ago. As a reminder, it's still over 100 degrees in the evening when they start their 2-hour practice. But Noah is one never to complain and he is a coaches dream since he does everything they ask him to do exactly they way they ask him to. Not to mention, as a 12 yr old, 6-grader, he's also 5'8" with a 10.5 size shoe and he's still growing. For now, they are training him to play Center - which means he is always looking for someone to practice with him in the back yard.

Tucker and Cade have been busy keeping us busy. They are ready to start Kindergarten and so eager to learn.

Last of all, there's Jude, the marmaduke of puppies. He seems to have stopped growing although we do believe he can still eat his weight in dog food every day. We have found his weakness - and it's quite odd - but this puppy has a thing for tassles. He doesn't chew shoes, has not chewed on the furniture, hasn't had an accident in the house in months, and in most cases is a great dog - except for tassles. If he sees a tassle on a pillow, then it must be chewed and destroyed. And our bedroom bedspread HAD tassles on the corners and pillows at the beginning of the summer. He has now chewed them all off. He does leave fringe alone, but for some reason, tassles drive him crazy.

I'll post more later this week - thanks for all the continued support and prayers.