Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back at Medical City

Titus has been sick since last Friday. What started out as a small fever has turned into increase secretions and a non-stop hacking cough. Becky took him to the ER on Wednesday, but the doctor didn't admit him at that time. After another night of hacking and no sleep, Becky took him back to the pediatrician who admitted him to the hospital today.

What has been determined is that his blood work is showing an infection - but they aren't sure at this point if it's viral or bacterial. We will know more tomorrow. He was a bit dehydrated so an IV has been started and he is getting fluids - but that is also leading to an increase in secretions when he coughs. He is not getting a lot of sleep - maybe 30 minutes at a time.

Titus has never been a crying baby, but when he coughs, you can tell it hurts, and he begins to cry. It hurts my heart to hear it and there isn't much consoling him. I know the nurses have held/consoled him for the last few nights.

Becky is staying with him tonight at the hospital. We really want some guidance from the doctors and some direction on what they feel is wrong so the right course can be taken. We would appreciate your prayers for comfort, healing, and discernment for the medical staff treating him. I would also appreciate some prayers for Becky while she is staying with him. She isn't getting much rest.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Steps

Watch this video of Titus in his walker. You have to watch his feet carefully, but you will see how he works to pick up and move each foot. It is a blessing to have a gait trainer at home now so he can practice everyday instead of just twice a week.

So proud of my little man and how hard he works.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dinner at Woody's

This past weekend, we drove down to Lake Jackson, TX to visit friends and be in town for Titus' pediatric opthmalogist appointment on Monday. It's a good 6 hour drive with no traffic and we always plan to stop at Woody's which is exactly 1/2 way on our trip.

Woody's (exit 164 on I-45) is a hole-in-the-wall gas station and bar-b-que joint that also sells all manner of homemade jelly, pickled vegetables and candy. It's one of the those places where they just pile the meat on wax paper and sell it by the pound.

We got 1 pork chop, 1/2 lb of brisket, 3 ribs, plus the requisite beans, onions, pickles and sweet tea and sat down at the long picnic tables for our meal. As with any good bar-b-que place, you just got to eat with your hands which is why there are plenty of paper towels on each table.

As we are finishing the meal, Becky asked for some unsweet tea and some artificial sweetner.

Tucker handed Becky a basket of packets on the table and said, "Mom, here's some sugar packets".

To which Noah loudly replied in a loud, emphatic (but very innocent) voice, "NO, those are sanitary napkins!!!".

Becky quietly and gently stated "No, honey, those are moist toilettes" - of which I had to use several to clean up the tea I spurted out from laughing so hard.

And sweet Noah, he still has no idea what he said.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Open House

Tonight was Open House at the Early Childhood School. And even though the boys all take turns going with Becky to drop off or pick up Titus at school, they haven't had the chance to visit the classroom. So the entire clan, plus my parents, showed up to visit his classroom and meet his teacher.

Titus classroom is so interactive. There is a huge light box that he can play in, a ball pit, large swing, and lots of toys that provide all sorts of visual or auditory or sensory stimulation. Titus teacher, Ms Lindsey, played a video of Titus at music class. He really loves the harpsichord and the drums.

Titus has 2 other students in his classroom in the morning along with 2 aides that assist the teacher and numerous therapists that are in and out during the day. And Titus LOVES school. From the moment we walked in the door, he was smiling and making noises. He knew where he was. And, we will admit - school for him has been more than we have ever imagined it would be. He comes home so tired, but his stamina to be alert during school has really improved (he does occassionally take a 15 minute cat nap during school).

Thank you Ms Lindsey for teaching, caring, and loving on Titus.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Eats

Of the many different types of therapy Titus has on a weekly basis, feeding therapy is one of them. Since Titus was unable to take a bottle or nurse when born and due to the surgeries with his jaw and cleft palate, Titus has had to learn how to swallow. You might think that's one of those skills that is easy to learn, but it's truly a complex skill of learning how to take something in your mouth and use your tongue in the correct way to actually swallow something.

Over the years, the feeding therapists have worked with Titus to stimulate his mouth and tongue to do the correct actions. After all this work, he may only take a few bites - probably never more than 1 or 2 tablespoons.

So you can imagine how surprised we were when his teacher and therapist at school came out this week to tell us that Titus ate a whole jar of baby food - a WHOLE JAR! And then the next day at school, ate a whole mashed up banana. Now, he is gravitated to fruits (or sweet potatoes), but the fact he ate a whole jar at one sitting for our little boy is amazing. He hasn't done it for us at home yet - although I did get him to eat some peaches this weekend, but it's those baby steps of progress that we love to see.

And tomorrow is a long-awaited day in our household. Titus should have his gait trainer delivered to the house. This will allow him to practice his walking everyday.

I realize I haven't posted much lately. But there are lots of little things and improvements going on. We are blessed.