Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the Road Again

As sure as I state I would post more often, I don't.

But, since I'm on vacation this week - and since I'm sitting in a hotel room in Mobile, Alabama on a little unexpected detour, I thought tonight would be as good as any. We are headed out to Jacksonvill, Florida to visit friends, before heading up to Charleston, SC for the Growing Families International Conference.

And while driving through Mobile today, we thought we would stop and see the USS Alabama battleship and give us a chance to stretch our legs. And, because life is always an adventure, the Suburban wouldn't start when we all got back in. We tried jumping it - but nothing. But, from some further investigation, it doesn't look like the battery (we replaced that on last summer's vacation in Indiana - on Labor Day). It could be a fuse, it could be the starter. But, since the DVD player went out an hour before - and the boys described a loud pop, I have a feeling a fuse or wiring might be askew.

And, yes, that's the DVD player we replaced this week that was still under warranty. The boys are going to have a real LONG trip if that's not fixed, but we did listen to the Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy today.

Your prayers are appreciated - and as I told the boys, it's not the actions, but sometimes our reactions that are important. These things do happen - we just got to roll with it.

I should also mention, the weekend started with our trip to Waco to see our nephew Jeremy marry his bride, Lauren. The four oldest boys were in the wedding: Aidan and Noah ushering, Tucker and Cade ring-bearing. We drove down to Waco on Friday, but back in the hotel after rehearsal dinner, we noticed several important items for Titus missing, so I drove back to Dallas that night to pick them up. As I said, these things do happen.

Titus has been doing great! Even with all the traveling and being out of routine, he is a trouper. He is so flexible with different sleeping arrangements/spaces, and just rolls over and goes right to sleep - although at the moment, he's been fascinated with the texture on the wall and keeps stroking it, but he's about to nod off.

And, I'll be speaking at the Growing Families conference on Thursday morning - and then Becky and I will deliver a workshop with our dear friends, Mike & Jody on Thursday and Friday. We so love speaking with Mike and Jody - where else can you get to hear a choleric, sanguine, melancholy, and phlegmatic speak together. We don't even care if anyone shows up - the 4 of us will have a blast.

Will post more later (if I have internet capability).