Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home from the Hospital

Titus received his cochlear implant in his right ear yesterday. It was a very long day that started very early since his check-in time was 7am and we are an hour away from the hospital (Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth).

Everything was running right on time and we immediately went from registration to pre-op preparation to surgery. Titus was very content the entire time.

He was immediately moved to a room after surgery - and then the real fun began. As you see from the picture, he had a large dressing wrapped around his head due to the drainage from the incision/surgery. And you can also see he had restraints on his arms to keep his little hands off of it.

We should know by now - where there's a will, there's a way. Titus was NOT happy with the restraints, the IV, or the dressing on his head. He kept finding ways to sneak his hands out of the restraints, or to scoot his head down the bed to remove the dressing. It was almost comical to fix his dressing, and then turn around and he already had it covering his eyes or off completely.

He was pretty fussy most of the afternoon - but we realized it was mostly due to the IV in his hand than his head - and after a little convincing (and Titus starting back on his regular feeds), the IV was removed and he settled down for rest. After a good night, he came home this morning - and he has spent most of the afternoon asleep.

After the surgery, the doctor came out with a small bottle - and asked us "guess what I found in Titus' ear?". Titus had tubes installed when he was a baby - and with most kids, as they grow older, the tubes fall out. Over the years, the ENT had noticed that Titus' tubes had fallen out, but over the last two years, we have noticed that Titus would experience a lot of ear infections in his right ear. Come to find out, Titus' tubes didn't fall out - they fell IN - into his middle ear. The doctor suspects this could have been the source of those ear infections. We are thankful they noticed it and were able to remove it.

The cochlear implant will be activated in about 6 weeks. It is a slow process when they activate - only turning it on for a few frequencies/sounds - and slowly adjusting it over several months. We are so thankful for technological advances such as this that will allow Titus to hear.

Thank you for all the prayers. We are comforted in knowing that Titus is prayed for daily by many of you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Titus

It's hard to believe, but Titus is 5 years old today. Although it's been a few months since I posted, Titus has been doing great. He has been healthy most of the summer and fall (avoiding hospital stays) and continues to grow. This past fall, he started back to school at Early Childhood School in Frisco. On the way to school each morning, he chatters and chatters - and it's obvious that he is very excited to be going to school. Throughout the week, he continues to go to therapy everyday after school.

Next Monday, Titus will have minor surgery to implant a 2nd cochlear implant - he will now have a cochlear implant for each of his ears. It should be a simple procedure but they will keep him overnight for observation. And since he is out of school all next week, he should be able to return to school after Thanksgiving.

On other news, I was laid off from my job last week (it wasn't a big surprise since all the indicators were there of a department re-structure). Me, along with 3 others, were let go immediately - so I am actively on the lookout for the next great opportunity. God is good and we are already seeing small miracles each day that provide for our needs.