Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip to the ER

With 5 boys, it's surprising we don't make more trips to the ER. Last night was Cade's first time.

Since Becky had cancelled the trip to Houston, she asked if the family they were going to visit wanted to come up here. So, the K's packed up and drove up here. When you have 5 kids, you really don't think about have 5 more in the house visiting.

After they left on Sunday afternoon (and Tucker and Cade had absolutely no nap), we went back to church for the Children of the World concert. I was sitting in the back with Titus. Titus has been doing much better the last few days, but he really needed to poo. And of course, as soon as the concert starts, he starts grunting. After a few minutes, I realize that he's done and I better take care of it so it doesn't leak out.

As I am in the bathroom cleaning up the green 'modeling-clay' poo that is EVERYWHERE (and it did leak out on my shirt and his clothes), in walk Aidan with Tucker and Cade. And I'm not really sure what happened next, but from what I was told, Tucker pushed Cade and Cade fell and hit the urinal. I look up and there is blood flowing from his chin and the banshee cry of death coming out of his mouth.

Cade was incosolable. And after Becky looked at, we decide a trip to the ER is probably the best thing.

Becky took him and did not have to wait long. Cade was a trooper. Along with the busted chin, he chipped two teeth, and bit his lip/tongue. They used super-glue to put the chin back together, and a milk-shake from McDonalds took care of the rest. When he got home last night, he was all smiles and showed me his chin proudly.

And for the rest of Cade's life, he can now show off his tiny scar on his chin and tell about the time his brother pushed him into the urinal. Yep - that's a story that will probably stay around for awhile.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Titus did good on his swallow study yesterday. We can start giving him small sips or formula to work on his swallowing muscles.

As the day progressed yesterday, Titus became more and more congested. His breathing was struggling a bit and since they were out at doctor's appointments, they didn't have the breathing machine with him to provide him a treatment. So, his ENT appointment was cancelled and we have bumped up his breathing treatments the last 24 hours. He's not running a fever and is being his normal self, but he will start coughing or wheezing and his secretions are increased.

We will be increasing his breathing treatments over the next few days and we've increase his oxygen, but we cancelled his opthmalogist appointment in Houston for Monday since this is the type of thing that would keep him in the hospital indefinitely if he were to go under anesthesia.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Week of Appointments

As I mentioned last week, Titus had 3 doctor's appointments (cardiologist, hematologist, and developmental specialist). This week and next, he has several more very important appointments that I would appreciate your prayers on.

Tomorrow, Titus has a swallow study. He had one done last year, but now that his cleft palate has been repaired, we have to do another swallow study before we can start feeding therapy. We feel very confident that he has no issues with swallowing since we have been giving him tastes of things. (He really likes chocolate icing). Once this is complete, then we can start feeding therapy. But we anticipate it will still be a long road ahead of feeding therapy before they can take out the feeding tube.

Then Titus has a follow-up appointment with the ENT - nothing major there - just a follow-up.

And on Sunday, Becky and the boys will be driving down to Houston for his Pediatric Opthmalogist appointment for his eyes. As many of you remember, Titus had pediatric glaucoma and at the time, the only doctor that would see us immediately was in Houston, thus we go to Houston for these appointments. This will be an EUA - evaluation under anesthetic - which means they intubate him, anesthetize him, and check his eye pressure levels and other workings. The last few times, our appointments have been early in the morning, so we were able to leave that afternoon to come home. But this time, his appointment is Monday afternoon, which means by the time they get him back from the evaluation and out from anesthetic, he may have to spend the night in the hospital. Putting Titus under is always an issue with his lungs - so not only are we requesting prayers that his eye pressures are fine, but that he can go under and come back out with no lingering issues. If they do find anything during the exam, they will perform surgery right then - but the last 2 exams have been fine, so we anticipate another good report.

And on top of all that, he has 4 teeth coming in and is biting everything that he can get his hands on (including our fingers). It's definitely a mixed blessing. Many kids who have been intubated or vented for long periods of time (like Titus) become orally averse and don't like anything coming near or going into their mouths. But our little man is chewing on whatever he can get his hands on and is putting everything in his mouth. But just like any other baby, teething makes for cranky babies and weird poo. And frankly, I can deal with the crankiness better than the poo since the poo tends to go EVERYWHERE!

Thanks for all the prayers and support and for all of you who check the blog regularly. We never take for granted that Titus (and all of us) are covered in your prayers.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garage Sale

As I was out of town Saturday morning, Nana and Poppy took the kids to a few garage sales.

And this is what they came home with.

Yes - it's a pirate - and if you shoot it with the gun, his pants fall down.

OK - who comes up with the stuff? And why would you buy it for your grandkids at a garage sale? Maybe I can sell it on eBay. I'm sure there's a market for pirates who can't keep their pants up.

30 Years

I attended my 30 year High School Reunion this weekend. (yes - I really am THAT old!) I haven't been back to Premont where I grew up in 15 years, so it was very nostalgic to drive through the small town where I grew up. The house I grew up in is For Sale but is exactly how I remember it.

It was bit surreal to walk in the room and see my classmates - some I haven't seen since our night of graduation. I will say, that even though 30 years have passed, I would have recognized some of them anywhere - they haven't changed a bit. It was funny to hear them share their stories of their grown kids and grandkids, then ask how many I have, only to see their eyes pop to hear I have 5 boys with the youngest being 18 months old.

I realized, many of my classmates, I went to school with all 12 years. We were sharing stories about being in 3re and 4th grade together (Remember the time Greg threw up on Lana and Lino looked at it, and then Lino threw up - and then the whole class started gagging!) Good times, Good times.

So, to my classmates - stay in touch and may the next 30 years be as kind as the last 30 have been.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Pics

It's been awhile since I posted some recent pics of the boys - so here are few from Easter Weekend (and Becky's birthday).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy Week

Titus went for his semi-annual checkup with the development specialist this week. Titus was asleep when we got there and was a little groggy after waking up. We really wanted him to wakeup and be alert so the development specialist could see how he was doing - it's one thing to tell them what he can do, but you really want them to see it for themselves. After 45 minutes, Titus "woke up" and started playing on the floor - passing toys from one hand to the other, taking toys to his mouth to chew on them, tracking movement with his eyes, and babbling. His height and weight are finally on the developmental charts, although he is a little chunky for his height.

He is holding himself in a sitting position for a few seconds and showing good strides in therapy. He's also cutting 3-4 teeth right now and really chewing on things. The specialist stated he's around 4-5 months developmentally, but should make big cognitive strides when he is able to sit up.

And then today, Titus had another appointment with the hematologist to check his blood. Titus has large red-blood cells - and they reproduce faster than they are suppose to. It's not really a problem but just one more anomoly that Titus has. His blood levels were good.

These two appointments were in addition to the 4 trips to therapy during the week.

Honestly, these appointments are draining. It's hard to sit there and answer the questions on what he can and cannot do. It's hard to be told where he is and not know how far he may progress. It's hard to fill out a form ordering equipment from Dallas Wheelchair Company, knowing that's where we are probably headed. Therapy is hard and if we don't follow-up at home, Titus doesn't show improvement. And please, don't take this the wrong way - I'm not griping/whining, I'm just being honest that it's hard work.

Hebrews 12:1 states "let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us". This is our race, this is our course, and we are running. Lord, I pray for perseverance for me and Becky, I pray for strength, I pray we continue to run and not stop.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It was a cold and rainy Spring night in Seoul. Mrs Lee was flustered for being late, but rushed into the lobby holding her precious cargo. Jin Hyeok was wearing a new outfit and baseball hat and was tired after a busy day. She brought Jin Hyeok in, straightened his clothes, and then placed him in our arms. The founder of the orphanage began to pray and as he prayed, the soft cry from Mrs Lee became a sob. Becky held her tight and they cried together - two mothers in love with the same child. One who had raised him since birth, one who would be raising him the rest of his life. Mrs Lee had had been a foster mom for the orphange for 20 years, but Jin Hyeok was the first child she had kept for 8 months. Her love for him was deep.

After a few minutes, the social worker stepped up and gently said, "it's time for you to go". She took our arm, and led us to the elevator. We stood in the elevator weeping - looking across at Mrs Lee in the arms of the social worker - and the doors slowly shut.

We walked to our room on the 5th floor. Jin Hyeok was bewildered. His eyes were searching everywhere for Mrs. Lee. As the door closed in our room, he could no longer take the anxiety. He looked at Becky, he looked at me, he opened his mouth, and he cried.

And cried, and cried, and cried. This was not a cry we had ever heard before. It was a wailing, a scared, deep, lost sob that was incosolable. Becky and I could do nothing to console him. We felt like first-time parents all over again. After 2 hours, the sobs subsided and he drifted off to sleep inbetween us.

The next morning, he woke and just stared at us. He was timid, but not crying. We headed off to the airport and flew home to Dallas.

And the last 4 years have flown by since we had that glorious day - the day Jin Hyeok became Tucker Paul Jin. As I was telling Tucker the story last night I reminded him that he was a Daily boy from the moment that he was born. God had planned and pre-ordained from the very beginning that we were his family. In the last 4 years, you have gone from a very timid little boy to our dynamite child. You are fearless, curious, athletic, and non-stop energy.