Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rough Night

Titus had a rough night last night. He was released from the hospital around 6:30pm last evening. Becky and Lisa (nurse) stayed at a hotel near the hospital. As Becky stated, Titus' kept de-satting last night so they kept the lights on and tv on and just watched him all night long. Part of this was just due to getting all the anesthesia out of his body - he's done this before, but it's still a scary thing to go through. Becky told me this morning that there's not a lot on TV all night and after 4 hours of Michael Jackson coverage, they switched over and watched Seinfeld re-runs. And since most people think our life is just one continuous Seinfeld episode - it was somewhat appropriate.

Becky will stay in Houston today and come home tomorrow. The boys are with our friends in Lake Jackson and having a wonderful time.

Meanwhile, I'm home with the dogs, fish, and the fleas. It seems that flea season is horrid this year and Quita is hosting an entire flea circus. So, she's been treated and the house is being fogged tonight. And, I just can stop scratching.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Everything is Fine

Becky just called and the doctor just finished the evaluation. Titus' eye pressures are within normal ranges and everything looks good. The doctor also looked at his eyelid that's been giving him problems and agreed it was just a sty, but was so clogged, it wasn't going to clear up on his own, so they are taking care of that.

The doctor did make an interesting comment. He stated based on the nerve damage that he sees medically, it's amazing that Titus has any vision at all . And yet, he watched Titus with Becky and noticed how he was tracking with his eyes and reacting to things he saw or that came close to his face. Until Titus can communicate with us, we won't know how much vision he really has, but we are thankful for what he does have. And it's in those little things that we can so often take for granted, that we learn to be thankful.

The doctor was running a bit behind schedule today, so I've been sitting here pretty much useless at the office waiting to hear from Becky. I don't think I'll fully relax until he is out of recovery and back home, but that's just what Dad's do.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to Houston

Titus (along with Becky and the boys and nurse Lisa) will be headed out to Houston tomorrow. He has an 'evaluation under anesthetic' with the pediatric opthmalogist / glaucoma specialist on Monday at 11am. He was suppose to have this appointment several months ago, the but the weekend before, he was running a little fever, and we postponed.

We would appreciate your prayers as they drive down to Houston (about 4 1/2 hour drive), and then the exam on Monday. If his eye pressures are fine, then they will bring him out of the anesthesia and once he's fine, let him go home. If they pressures are elevated, they will do whatever surgery is necessary. The last two times, his pressures have been fine and we expect the same on Monday.

As mentioned before, taking Titus under and bringing him back up from anesthesia is always hard on him. He is as healthy as he's been in awhile, so we pray the trip and exam is short.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

They Don't Act Like Brothers

The four oldest have been in Vacation Bible School this week. Aidan has been helping out while Noah, Tucker, and Cade are attending.

One of the mom's in Noah's room told us that she had a discussion with her son about Aidan and Noah. She told him they were brothers. Her son stated, "No, they aren't brothers. They're just friends". The mom assured her son that Aidan and Noah were brothers, to which the boy replied "Well, they don't act like brothers; they act like friends".

Can we tell you what sweet words those were to hear? From the moment Noah was born, we have told both Aidan and Noah that they were best friends. And we know all to well how they can get into it at home, but we also know how much they love each other, talk to each other and respect each other.

Of course, Tucker and Cade are totally different characters. Cade calls Tucker "Husband" when they are playing, and Tucker answers "Yes, Dear". We haven't quite figured that one out yet!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

To my 5 incredible boys - thank you for making me a dad, thank you for making me smile, thank you for making me laugh, thank you for encouraging me, thank you for listening, thank you for obeying, thank you for loving your mom. I love you more than you can imagine.

We took Titus swimming tonight. You would never believe this is the same little boy who was in ICU a week ago. He LOVED the pool. I floated him on his back and his little hands were out and open feeling the water, his legs were kicking and he had the biggest grin on his face. We have also turned his oxgen down to a quarter liter. That's .25. A week ago we were at 1.5 and 2. Thank you God for answering the sweet prayers and improving his breathing this week.

My two little ones are so excited for tomorrow. It's the first time they get to go Vacation Bible School. And Aidan is excited to be a helper. He's been studying his lesson all week.

And one last daddy brag. Aidan and Noah participated in their first swim meet yesterday. And they did great. Noah came in first on two of his heats, 2nd on another and 2 on the relay. Aidan came in 1 in his freestyle and 2 on his relay. I was so impressed with their stamina and strength - especially when Noah dived in and his goggles came off - it didn't deter him at all - he swam strong to the end.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

3 years: Happy Homecoming Cade

With the hustle and bustle of the last several weeks of illness, I didn't get the chance to post this. But, better late than never.

To my precious Cader-Tot,
Three years ago, we brought you home kicking and screaming from Korea. It had to be one of the most traumatic experiences of both our lives. For you, everything you knew and were familiar with changed in an instant when they placed you in our arms in that van and we took off for the airport. We had tried to play and get to know you for 4 days, and you would not have anything to do with us. And then on that morning, it was just the 3 of us in the taxi.

You fought hard. You kicked, hit, bit, and screamed. You were terrified.
And so were we (although we were too scared to verbalize it with each other). But as you were throwing that fit, I knew that here was a boy that had strength, that had resolve, and that knew how to fight. And I knew that one day, one day, you would love us.

I remember after we landed after the longest 24 hours of our lives, and you walked out holding our hands and met your brothers. And you smiled and laughed (and we looked at each other and knew there was hope). And as the days, weeks, and months passed, you changed into a happy, loving child.
You have grown so much over the last 3 years (literally and figuratively). You are my singing child, my laughing child, and my very opinionated child. You can be my snuggler, but you can also be my stubborn one.

What a joy it is to be your father, to watch you grow, to train you in the right ways, and to watch you with your brothers. You bring joy to my life.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

UPDATED: Thursday Morning Update

Titus had a good night and is doing much better this morning. His fever seems to be gone and if his blood work looks good, he will be coming home today.

The doctors still have some concerns and they are focusing on his heart. Titus was born with an ASD/VSD (like many newborns). His ASD closed up by the time he was a year old, but there is still a small gap in his heart. Based on his breathing/oxygen issues, the pulmonologist wants to continue discussions with the cardiologist to see if closing up the VSD might resolve some of these breathing/oxygen issues Titus continues to have. So, nothing definite yet, but one more item to begin praying about.

I'll will let you know when they get home!

UPDATE: Titus is released from the hospital and they are in the car on their way home.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Latest

Titus had a small fever last night, but right now is running a fever again. Yesterday, his oxygen had been turned down to .4, but through the night and this morning, they have had to turn it back up and his respirations are high. His bloodwork is showing that he's still fighting some form of infection. His IV came out Sunday night since it was painful for Titus and they changed his antibiotic to something that could be fed through his g-tube, but they are considering putting a pic line in (similar to a IV, but directly into a vein and more stable) and putting him back on the original antibiotics. So, he is not coming home today.

Please pray for Becky - she's exhausted and these are slow days at the hospital.

Wednesday Morning Update

Titus had a good day on Tuesday. His bloodwork is showing signs of improvement and they have his oxygen turned down to .4 (remember it was up to 2.5 last Saturday morning). Aidan, Noah, Tucker, and Cade went to visit him yesterday and Becky was excited to see all her boys.

This morning they will run full panels and tests on blood work, along with a chest x-ray to see how he is doing. We should know by noon if he will be able to come home today or if it will be another day. These are the days when you just take it one day at a time. Becky and Titus are so ready to be home, but we also want to know he's fully recovered.

Thanks for the prayers and notes.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Update on Titus

After waiting all day to see if we might get to go home, we found out this afternoon that Titus will be staying at the hospital till at least Wednesday. He tested positive for CMV, so they will keep him on antibiotics and observation for a few more days.

I'll provide more information later once I get home from the hospital.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Boy!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words! Here's my happy boy today right after we moved out of Pediatric ICU and up to the regular pediatric ward. He was all smiles and laughs between naps today. It's amazing how 24 hours of high-powered antibiotics can change a sick boy. He hasn't been this happy all week!

I went to the hospital after teaching Bible Study this morning, and Becky came home to catch a nap and see the big boys. Titus and I had a fun afternoon. And of course, it wouldn't be a normal day in the life of Daily without some poo. Let's just say, Titus waited until it was just me and him - and then had one major blow-out! (I do believe his mom whispered in his ear to wait until she was gone before the nuclear explosion.) How the boy got poo on his toes, I've yet to figure out, but we had to change all the bedding, all the clothes and disinfect the bouncy chair.

Titus has learned a few new tricks that he was showing me today. He now sucks in his top lip and then smacks it out. And while in the bouncy chair, he will grab the top bar, and start to pull him self up. It's amazing the trunk and neck control he has while doing it. It's like he was doing ab crunches while sitting there. My little man - his strength continues to amaze me.

Thank you so much for the prayers. We anticipate coming home tomorrow if all continues to go well.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back in PICU

After a quick exam with 3 PICU doctors, Titus has been moved from the ER to a Pediatric ICU room. They have ruled out pneumonia as originally thought and think it's more of a viral infection and fluid on the lungs. They have started an IV with 2 heavy-duty antibiotics.

More to come as we know more today.

In the ER

Becky took Titus to the ER at Medical City this morning. Between 4:30am and 6:30am this morning, he was just not keeping his Oxygen SATs above 90. They just hovered between 88 and 90 even after xopenex and pulmicort treatments. By 6am we had turned his oxygen up to 2.5 liters and at that point, we knew it was time to go.

He's not running a fever, but you can tell he's just tired. And with his lungs they way they are, he doesn't need to be struggling to breathe. He actually had a good day yesterday, was fever-free all day, and slept soundly last night. Becky was up with him at midnight to give him a breathing treatment, but until 4:30am this morning, he was doing fine.

When Becky arrived at the ER, they were able to take him back immediately. And, we have the same nurse and respiratory therapist that we had last time (which is always good). They have inserted an IV (on the first try - which is a huge answer to prayer) and are running bloodwork and cultures right now.

Please pray for the following items:
  • The doctors will diagnose what's going on and be able to provide immediate treatment
  • Titus' breathing will improve
  • The pneumonia in his lung will clear up
  • Rest and peace for Becky and I

I'll post more information as we found out more today.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Titus has pneumonia in his left lung. After taking a chest x-ray yesterday, this was the diagnosis. His fever still comes and goes. He will wake up and play for a little while, and then conk back out. He's not coughing, and doesn't have a lot of secretions (which is good), and he's been keeping his SATs up pretty well, but we are monitoring him closely. He started on an antibiotic last night.

Tucker and Cade have had swim lessons this week. They are so excited since they have now learned to swim under water. (ok, they at least "think" they are swimming under water).

Aidan and Noah have swim team practice most days. They enjoy practice, they just don't want to compete (go figure). It's incredible the stamina and focus they have developed. There are times Noah will dive off the blocks and his goggles will come off, and yet, although distracting, he doesn't stop to fix them, doesn't slow down, but maintains his focus on completing the sprint. What an incredible lesson in life he's learning - stay the course, run the race, and to not let the little things drag you down.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Fever's Back

I guess I posted too soon. Although Titus was fever-free on Monday, it's come back. Poor guy, you can tell he just feels miserable. But so far, it only seems to be fever. The nurse/doctor ordered blood work to be done, so we can see if what his levels are and see if it's any indicator of anything else.

But, as miserable as he feels, he will still wake up when you lay him down in his bed, reach out and feel the sides, and then break out in a big, toothy grin since he realizes he's in his own bed. Last night, he fell asleep in my arms while feeding him, but as soon as I laid him down, he looked up, smiled at me, and then closed his eyes and went back to sleep. My sweet boy . . . I love him so.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fever Gone

Titus fever seems to have abated. He went most of the day with normal temps, it rose at bedtime, but was fine throughout the night. And, so far today seems to be back to his happy self.

It's strange - but I have heard of several other families have a 48 hour fever virus in the last week. It must be something going around.

We appreciate the prayers!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Titus has a fever. It started Saturday as low-grade, but yesterday moved up to 103. He just feels rotten - is so hot, doesn't want to be held, and can't get comfortable. His cry is just pitiful. Fortunately, he slept most of the night, but we were up with him most of it. His breathing was shallow and we kept turning up his oxygen. By this morning, we had him turned up to 2 liters on oxygen - generally, he's on .5 or .75. We've never had him this high at home.

At 5:00am this morning, Becky was ready to take him to the emergency room, but we decided to hold off a bit until Lisa, the day nurse, got there. My concern was they would put her in a room, put him on oxygen and just observe all day whereas with Lisa there, we know that she would watch him all day long. Tucker had a similar fever bug hit last weekend, so who knows, it could be the same thing, but with Titus, we always have to be extra careful.

At lunch time, his fever is down and he's down to 1 liter of oxygen. Lisa and Becky will take care of him all day today, and then Vanessa will be there tonight.

We would appreciate your prayers.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Titus is learning to explore his world. It's such a joy to watch how his hands wander around when you put him down. We will lay him down on a blanket and immediately his hands will go out to his side and start feeling around. If he finds something (toy, chair leg, etc), his hands will explore it, feel around it, under it, etc. If it's a toy, he will pick it up and start to play with it - and like most kids, it goes straight to the mouth.

When we lay him down somewhere familiar (changing table or his crib), he knows. And breaks out in the biggest grin.

Lately, when we put him him to bed, he will lay there and play. Except that he's getting to so active, he kicks those feet up in the air and pushes himself around the bed. It's quite funny to watch and listen to.

He's also becoming more and more verbal. When holding him, if I sit him on my lap facing me, he puts his hands on my chest and just jabbers - quite loudly at times. And then he will look up at me and smile - he knows he has his daddy wrapped around his little finger.

Titus has an eye appointment this afternoon. His eye infection has not really gotten better after the antibiotics so we are taking him to the pediatric opthmalogist this afternoon.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Oh My!!!

We received the link last night to look at the pictures of the boys. They are incredible. Titus was still battling his eye infection, so one of his eye lids is swollen a bit, but she truly captured the essence of the boys.

I encourage you to take a look! I'm not sure how we will ever choose!

Go to http://www.catherineclayphotography.com/
click on 'Site' then click on client images then put in the password 'paul' all lower case.
You will not be able to see the cursor, just click once in the box and type the password. The pictures will be available for viewing until June 10.

For a shorter view, you can click on the 'Blog' instead of site - she will be posting a synopsis there in the next few days.

BTW - someone asked where we took the pics. This is the new subdivision being built behind our house. Actually, it's not the new subdivision since it's the subdivision that we are part of, but they have built a sidewalk next to the creek all the way through. One of these days, it will all be pretty manicured lawns and park, but right now, it's still pretty rustic.