Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting There

Titus is getting there. He's been fever free for several days, but still has a pretty bad cough. It appears that the combinations of meds he is on is causing his heart rate to drop pretty low when he rests or sleeps (around 50 beats per minute). As long as he doesn't drop below 50, he's ok, but during the nights, he's been hovering between 49 and 52. And when rate hits 50, his monitors starting beeping. Sunday night was a rough night since it seemed to go off every few minutes. Last night was better, but the little stinker kept pulling his oxygen off. And during the day when he's awake, it's still a little low, but not as low as when he sleeps. We only have a a few more days of meds, so by the end of the week, our prayer is that this will resolve itself.

We so appreciate the prayers. Although Becky and I are on Tamiflu, Aidan, Noah, Tucker and Cade are not - but so far, no one else has shown any symptoms and all seem to be healthy. Becky and I are just very tired (more Becky than me).

Secondly, Becky and I would appreciate your prayers as we have been teaching "Parenting with a Plan", an 8-week series at church. We have been leading the couples through teaching basic character qualities and have had great attendance. But we so want these couples to truly grasp the importance of biblical parenting. We can see by the questions they are asking that the couples are working on things at home, but our prayer is they grasp the long-term aspect - that parenting involves having a plan and takes work, consistency, commitment and constant fine-tuning. We have several more weeks of class, but it just wasn't the same teaching class without Becky by my side last week since she stayed home with Titus.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shortest Stay Yet!

Becky emailed me yesterday afternoon at 2 that Titus would be released from the hospital between 5-6. I headed down at 4 to pick them up, but just had a sneaky feeling, we wouldn't be released at 5. And as suspected, by the time all the discharge papers were drawn up, prescriptions called in, and doctors sign-off, we left around 8. By the time we stopped at the pharmacy (thank the Lord for drive-thru pharmacy's) and stopped to pick up some food (Scotty P's of course), we got home after 9.

I took Titus in the house, laid him down in his bed, his hands reached out and touched the sides, and he smiled and laughed. That smile always melts my heart. We did breathing therapy, and then fed him. He fell asleep during the feeding and slept all night long. He's been fever free for over 24 hours now, and except for his cough, you wouldn't know he has the flu. He is back to playing, cooing, and being content (except when he coughs).

Thanks for the prayers. We look back and again see how God led us at the right time to take him in, and had the right people who are familiar with his background in the right place. We are so grateful for our doctors who provide incredible care and support.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

In a Room

Titus was admitted to Medical City last night. He got the last available room on the Peds floor. One of the nurses who has worked on Titus in the past, immediately put his name on the list to get a room when Becky arrived at the ER and at 10:30 last night, Becky and Titus were moved from ER to a room.

The main concern is his breathing. He is sounding a bit raspy so they have put him on a steroid on his lungs and are doing breathing treatments every 2 hours. He is not running a fever and they have put him back on regular feeds. We don't expect to come home today.

Becky stated that by the time they moved Titus to a room, the ER was completely full, the waiting room was full, and people were even standing outside. God truly was watching over Titus to have a nurse have the foresight to put his name on the list for a room when they showed up (which is another reason we always go to Medical City since they know him so well). Becky stated there were 4 code blues last night - in our months as the hospital, we may have heard only 1 during the day.

We appreciate the prayers and support - I'll keep the blog or facebook updated throughout the day as we know more.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Afternoon - At the ER

Titus lab results from bloodwork came back this morning, and after our pulmonologist reviewed, he wanted to see Titus in the ER to do labs again since his Potassium, Sodium, and Chloride were low. Becky drove down at 2:30 and Titus was quickly taken to a room for checkout (very short wait). Of course, as Becky stated, when you tell them you already have the flu, they wanted to isolate you from everyone else pretty quickly.

We will know more over the next few hours as they run a few tests. Titus is awake, happy, and not running fever at the moment.

I'm home with the rest of the boys to maintain our Friday night tradition - pizza and a movie and keep their sense of normalcy going.

A Good Night

What a crazy day. Before we knew that Titus had the flu, we had planned to take the boys for their flu shot. Since Becky was busy taking Titus to the doctor and then for bloodwork and x-rays yesterday, I met up with Nana and took the boys for their shots (and got mine also - along with a prescription for Tamiflu for Becky and I). The boys were brave getting their shots, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why they want to watch a shot being given. But for some reason that only 5 yr olds understand, it just fascinates them (until it's their turn).

After shots, I took them out to my parents to spend the evening, went to the pharmacy, then the bank, then to get a haircut. By the time I got home, Becky was whipped. Titus had been restless, but finally relaxed and rested for a few hours. We put him to sleep in our bed last night, and he slept all night - no de-sats, no crying, no fussing. We are praying today the Tamiflu kicks in for him and he will begin to feel better. Most of the doctors are stating that the cases they have seen are mild and lasting around 5 days - and today would be day 3. Our prayer is that we can manage him at home without having to take him to the ER or hospital. Thanks for all the prayers and support.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Titus Update - Flu

Titus tested positive flu. They have started him on Tamiflu. A chest x-ray showed his lungs are clear (no pneumonia). Right now, he's asleep on the sofa, but he's been pretty restless most of the day.

Fever Continues

Titus is still running a high fever. He only slept for a few hours last night, but has been mostly restless. His secretions continue to run clear, but we are suctioning more often. Becky will be taking him to the doctor at 11:40am for a flu and strep test. We will keep the blog updated as we know more.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Titus Update

Titus has been doing great - until today when he came down with a fever. We are really praying it's only that because he hasn't had his flu shot yet and the last thing my little one needs is the flu.

Other than that, he's been sittin up some in therapy - he props himself up with his arms and sat that way for a minute and half the other day. And, he's developed this little giggle when you sit him on your lap and spin him around. As soon as you complete one rotation (and he laughs), he looks up at you and smiles and waits for you to do it again.

It's hard to believe he will be in two in a 6 weeks.

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Dance

Friday night, Becky and I took the boys to their first dance. Of course, this wasn't your typical dance - it was an English Country Dance (ECD) with our homeschool group. Aidan is taking ECD on Fridays when he goes to Enrichment and monthly the group has a dance for families to come and learn in preparation for the year-end ball.

Becky convinced me this would be "family fun" and although a bit skeptical at first, it was quite a hoot. ECD has certain rules and etiquette to follow: boys must ask the girls to dance, boys must escort the girl to and from the dance floor, and you can't dance with the same girl two times in a row. Since this was a "learning session", Becky and I were out there with everyone else. But it seemed like the times I was out there, it was one of the dances where you changed partners every few steps - and I kept having to dance with elementary age girls (which I'm sure would get me arrested in some countries). Aidan was having a great time, but Noah was the one who was absolute resolute that he was only going to watch and play Monopoly with a friend. But after a little coaxing, Noah was out there and pretty soon was asking girls to dance without prompting from his mom.

One of the fun things about the evening was to see the number of high school kids there (probably around 50) that were having fun, laughing, dancing, and being extremely courteous to each other. Now, if I could only learn the difference between my left and right, first couple and second couple and what a "hay" is, I might get the hang of it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Remember

It's hard to work today. It's funny how you remember the smallest of details on days when significant events happen.

I was in Montvale, NJ eight years ago working at the KPMG offices as a consultant. Montvale is just a few miles outside of New York City. I had flown in the day before and remember as we drove out of Newark airport on what a beautiful clear day it was. The view of the World Trade Centers was so clear and vivid that morning that we all commented on it in the car. After flying out of Newark for several weeks, the view of the Manhattan skyline had become familiar. Little did I know that the skyline would never be the same again.

That Tuesday morning eight years ago was another beautiful, crisp Fall day. The offices had a wall of TV's in the reception area and a tv in the break room that were always on. I remember hearing the first report, then standing there watching as the 2nd plane hit. At that point, all work stopped, every tv in every conference room was turned on, and I stood side-by-side with people who had family, friends, and co-workers that worked in Manhattan or the World Trade Centers. People were frantically trying to call but the phone lines were down or were jammed. The office slowly cleared out and me and my co-workers were left there watching as the tragedy continued to unfold.

I drove into Manhattan a few days later when the bridges were re-opened. The smoke was still rising, Times Square was eerily quiet, missing posters and makeshift memorials were everywhere. For the first time that I remember, people in NYC would look deeply into your eyes as you walked by - no one seemed to be rushing around in a hurry - everyone seemed to be searching for someone.

Each year, I remember. And I don't want to forget. I don't want to forget how people came together to pray. I don't want to forget the feeling of national pride. I don't want to forget how people were open and willing to share stories and show their emotions. I don't want to forget the people who gave their lives for our country. I don't want to forget the victims in this horrific crime.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back Home

We are back home from vacation and Family Camp. We decided to drive straight through on Monday so that I could recoup for a day before heading back into work on Wednesday.

This is the 4th year we have gone to Family Camp - and it just gets better and better each year. The boys have made such good friends there and thoroughly enjoy "running wild" (as Aidan so eloquently put it one morning). And Becky and I so enjoy the deep and lasting friendships and support we receive. Just like last year, several of the ladies volunteered to take care of Titus during the afternoons so we could play and relax with the other boys. Tucker fished for hours, Cade loved to paddle boat, Noah climbed, zipped, and played human foosball, and Aidan enjoyed all the youth activities and games.

Just like last year, Becky and I came down with sore throats and runny noses on the last day which made driving home a bit of challenge, but much thanks to Roxie R who provided a box of DayQuil for the ride home (we owe you BIG time for that!).

Titus was a trooper on the way home - but since we've been home, he has also had a bit of runny nose and secretions. Nurse Lisa has been here the last two days and has really "worked him over", and although he has been SAT'ting fine at night, he's still a bit wheezy and congested sounding. We would appreciate your prayers that this would clear up fast since a cold for Titus is never easy. He is also still battling the acne on his face which is also causing the stye's in his eye. Although one went away prior to leaving town, another one has appeared.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

City Museum

City Museum in St Louis is the BEST - a definite must see if you are ever in St. Louis. Where else can you find a rooftop ferris wheel, a 7-story spiral slide, and a bus hanging off the roof to have fun in! I'm not sure who had more fun - Becky and I or the boys. They have recycled everything imaginable into a 4-story climbing bonanza with a castle, cupola, fire trucks, two planes and all manner of spiral staircases, slides, and catwalks connecting it all. Not to mention, it was a perfect 80 degrees today, and since all the kids were back in schoool (except for us homeschool kids), we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We are Off

The suburban is packed, the kids are ready, and we are off on vacation. Family Camp here we come!

We will stop in Springfield, MO to pick up Aidan and Noah who went to with Meemaw and Peepaw to Branson for a few days, then spend the next couple of days playing in St. Louis before making the final trek to Indiana.

And, Titus stye/bump on his eye popped yesterday, relieving the pressure and swelling. He already looks so much better!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We leave on vacation tomorrow. I have been working feverishly to cram 5 days of work into 2 days so that when we take off, I can truly leave work behind for a few days (but somehow get the strange feeling that will not happen.) It is strange how a small handheld device can eminate such guilt when it buzzes and you don't pick it up - or how you feel lost without it when it's not in your possession.

But, my main reason for posting is to request prayer for Titus on the trip. He has been incredible over the past month (except for dermatology issues). His breathing has improved tremendously - in fact, he's down to 1/8 on oxygen and there are times we just take it off altogether (but keep him on the monitor). He's maintaining his oxygen sats longer and longer.

He does have a bad (and I mean glaring-third-eye) stye on his left eye. His lower eyelid is swollen and it looks like it could erupt at any minute but hasn't. He went to the doctor yesterday who wants to observe it a little longer, but can do surgery to remove once we get back from vacation if it continues.

So, we will appreciate your prayers as we drive to Indianna for family camp. This is our favorite weekend of the year with friends. The boys are besides themselves with excitement and Becky and I are looking forward to spending some time with good friends. So we are off to zip, blob, fish, and climb (and enjoy some cooler weather).