Friday, October 31, 2008

Cade Turns 4

For the last 2 months, Cade has told everyone he turns 4 in October. This past Monday, it finally happened. It's hard to believe my big boy is 4. He celebrated all weekend long - and closed out the celebration with dinner at On The Border!

To our precious Cader-Tot. You have blossomed more than we could have ever imagined. We remember the fear and uncertainty we felt from reading your medical reports - not knowing if there would be long-term developmental delays or obstacles that could be overcome, and yet we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you were to be a Daily boy! What a joy it has been to see you go from a timid, scared, and very tired toddler to being a happy, funny, cautious, and talkative boy (and yes - Cade can talk your ear off once he is comfortable with you or if your a teenage girl). We love you dearly.
And, to your birth mom, we are ever thankful she chose the gift of life for you and a gift of a son to us. And, we honor yout foster parents who loved you more than you can know for those 19 months you lived in Korea. You are so loved.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cleft Palate Update

We met this week with Dr. Genecov, our cranio-facial surgeon, to discuss repairing Titus' cleft palate. He was incredibly pleased with Titus development and how his jaw is looking, and has scheduled surgery for Jan 15 unless a cancellation happens sooner. Dr. Genecov didn't really go into the details about the surgery, but stated the cleft palate repair could really help his breathing, but there's a chance it could not. Plus, after the surgery, we will really begin working on oral feeds.

Our prayers are that the surgery will not only successfully repair his palate, but that it will improve his breathing.

Also, since we are entering the cold and flu season, we are being very careful with where we are taking Titus. Except for some minor colds, he has really been in good health for the last few months and we need to maintain that prior to surgery. So, if you only see one of us at church, chances are one of us is staying home with Titus just to assure we aren't exposing him to anything unnecessary.

Sorry I haven't posted much over the last few weeks - our offices have moved and internet connectivity has been spotty in the new building. But we have had busy week celebrating Cade's 4th birthday and I have pics to post along with a report on that.

And, be on the alert for Titus' upcoming birthday party. I can't believe my little guy is turning 1 in 2 weeks.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Titus and Baby Food

We are working on getting more food into Titus and exposing him to new tastes and sensations. His favorite new thing is the small mesh back that we put fruit in and then he chews on it. He LOVES grapes.

Today, we experimented with some baby food - and although he was not thrilled with the spoon, he was enjoying the new taste.

We also have found some new toys for Titus. Titus seems to be seeing peripherally - especially things that are above him. He tracks them with his eyes and is reaching for them.

Here's a few pics from today's play time and eat time.

Free Breakfast?

"Ikea has free breakfast on Saturday till 10:30" Becky says. "Let's take the boys".

Free - that sounds good. And, it's Saturday morning in Frisco - every body else will be at soccer games, football games, basketball games. I've been to IKEA at 10am on Saturday and no one was there.

"Sure, that will be fun - and I need to buy that table anyway."
And who really reads the ads in the paper to see that IKEA was giving away free breakfast, I thought.

So, you can imagine our surprise as we pulled into the parking lot with 5 starving children and two hungry parents to find that all of Frisco had showed up for the free breakfast, and the HUGE sale on pots and pans. I haven't seen a crowd like that since opening day at IKEA.

We looked at each other, looked at the line snaked around the entire second floor, and I said "Krispy Kreme is just around the corner".

At least the first donut at Krispy Kreme was free!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Becky's Surprise

As I mentioned earlier, Becky was away for the weekend. And, as I mentioned earlier, we sold our bed and bought a new king-size bed that was delivered last week.

So, knowing that Becky was going to be gone, I had planned to paint our bedroom and add some accessories over the weekend and surprise her when she came back. I've done this before (painting rooms while she's gone) but generally have given her a little hint so she wouldn't be too surprised. We've had paint chips taped to the wall for a week now and had picked a color that we both liked.

Friday night after Titus was asleep (9pm), Aidan and I started painting. Actually, Aidan watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 while I painted, but he helped the next day. By the time I finished the first coat it was 2am. Those of you who know me know that for me to stay awake past 10pm is a miracle, but I drank a 16oz Monster energy drink at 8pm that night - so I was wired and ready to go. After I finished painting at 2am, I was still wide awake, so I started to watch Iron Man in the media room.

By 3am, I was starting to get sleepy. And that's when Titus' alarms started going off . . . every 15 minutes . . . for the next 3 hours. By that point, I was too tired to realize that the problem was with the machine and not his oxygen level. Needless to say, I was a little tired on Saturday, but Aidan was a great help in putting on a 2nd coat of paint. And, you can't even find the little bit of paint that I spilled on the carpet.

When Becky came in, she was feeling so sick that all she really noticed was the lamp. She really didn't notice the paint until several hours later. But, she loves her new room. Now, if we can just train Quita to stay off the bed we'll be doing good. And, next time she's gone, I'll be ready to paint the kitchen.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Now, It's 4 out of 7

Well, Becky has what Tucker had - and she feels miserable.

Noah, Cade and Titus spent the weekend with Nana - and they have all broken out with hives/bumps all over and they are scratching themselves silly/

But, Aidan and Titus are doing ok.

And, I . . . well, i feel itchy since the boys got home.

Friday, October 3, 2008

2 Out of 5

Monday night, Tucker complained of his back hurting. He kept saying "my back hurts". And then he threw up in the kitchen, then in his bed, then in the kitchen again, then on the counter. But the next time, he threw up in the toilet. So we shipped him off to Nana's house so he wouldn't get anyone sick.

Last night, Aidan complains he doesn't feel good. I ask him "Does your back hurt?" He didn't think this was funny.

Then Tucker starts whining he doesn't feel good and then he has diarrhea (lovely).

So Aidan is sleeping next to our bed and Tucker is sleeping at the foot of our bed. And this is how our night went.

Aidan: "I'm gonna throw up."
Mom & Dad: "Run!"
Tucker: "I gotta go POO!"
Mom & Dad: "Run!"
Aidan: "Tucker, go to the other bathroom!"
Tucker: "I gotta go POOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Mom & Dad: "RUN!!!!"
Titus (monitor): BEEP, BEEP, BEEP

And this cycle repeated itself every 15 minutes between 10 and midnight. But after midnight, everyone slept till 6am.

And, then at 6am this morning, I woke to "I'm gonna throw up!" And, the day began.

"This the day the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be GLAD in it".
Psalm 118:24

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Turning Over

At therapy, we have been working with Titus turning over. We practice and practice and practice with him. Well, last night, his monitors went off, Becky went in, and he had turned over in his bed all by himself (he wasn't too happy about it). But it is great to see his progress. He's becoming quite the scooter on the floor. He's learning to kick his feet and push himself along.

Please continue to pray for his cough/drainage. He's had a lot more drainage over the last few days and we are suctioning several times a day. But at his doctor's appt yesterday, his lungs are clear (PTL). He even had "snot bubbles" in his nose yesterday - which is real common for most babies, but when you have such a large cleft palate, it's very rare when Titus' nose actually runs. And, due to the drainage, we've been up a lot over the last few nights. And, our night nurse, Clarice, was unable to come this week since she has a cold. As a result, Becky and I are running on low energy (actually, I've moved from coffee to Monster energy drinks to keep me awake at work!)

And, the funny thing is, Becky and I bought a new bed last week (which is to be delivered today). We decided to sell our old queen-size bedroom set on Craigslist - and found a great buyer immediately. Unfortunately, he came and picked up the bed on Monday. We tried to sleep on an air mattress the first night, which was a comedy of errors - so one of us has been sleeping on the air mattress and one of us on the sofa which I know is adding to the extra fatigue. But we are SO excited to sleep on a new king-size mattress tonight!

Thanks for your prayers - I'll post new pics soon.