Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Answered Prayers

Titus evaluation under anesthetic went smoothly yesterday. His pressures are a little high but the doctor is not too concerned. But the overwhelming answer to prayer was that Titus came out from under the anesthesia quickly and with no problems. Within 2 hours, they were in the car and headed to the K's house.

Becky called this morning to say he had a "normal" night - which means the alarms went off a few times due to desat's, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Thanks so much for all the prayers.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I Know . . . I Know

I know I stated in the last update that I would update more often since I hadn't in awhile.

But, after struggling with a virus on my computer, which led to a total re-build and new OS (and no laptop for a few days), and then a week of vacation (where I swore I would NOT be on my laptop), the weeks have flown by.

Here's a quick update of what all has gone on.

We took a small "staycation" before Memorial Day and spent a few days at Great Wolf Lodge here in town. Since the boys have finished their homeschool (but public schools were still in session), the water park at Great Wolf was not crowded. This meant we could ride all the slides as often as we wanted. It also meant we could climb the 6-7 stories of stairs without any stops as quickly as we could. For some reason, the boys don't seem to get winded climbing 6 flights of stairs 10 times in a row.

The next week, Aidan, Noah, and Becky left for Xtreme Camp with the church youth group. For the next 4 days, I only got scattered emails and 2 short phone calls that she sneaked in, but when I picked them up at midnight on Tuesday, all 3 were talking non-stop. They had a blast spiritually and physically. While they were gone, I kept Tucker, Cade, and Titus for the weekend, then Tucker and Cade went camping with MeeMaw and PeePaw (so they felt like they went to camp too). They had a great time - and Cade summed it up with the statement "We went hiking through the graveyard, but no one was there!"

That left me to care for Titus for 2 days. Although the nurse came at night, it was just him and me for a few days. We went to therapy, doctor's appt., to the store, etc. I realized going to the store takes more effort than I remember since you can't really push his stroller and a cart at the same time - so everything had to fit in a basket. It did make me realize all the work/effort Becky goes through every day with him while I am at work.

After a very busy weekend, Becky and the boys left this morning for Houston. Titus has an evaluation under anesthesia with his pediatric opthmalogist. Several months back, Titus had his annual appointment with the opthmalogist, but they could not get accurate pressures on his eyes while he was awake (and squirming) so this appointment is to go back and review that while he is under anesthesia. As a reminder, Titus had pediatric glaucoma and this doctor has done two surgeries on Titus' eyes when Titus was so young.

Our concerns are always with Titus going under anesthetic - what should be routine for most can take hours (and sometimes days) to get Titus back to normal. The last time we put Titus under was at Cincinnati Children's in December 09 for an evaluation and we ended up in the PICU for 4 days. Becky is prepared to stay at the hospital if needed, but we are praying that Titus is healthier/stronger now that it will just be a few hours today.

The boys will be staying with our friends in Lake Jackson - (you know, our friends with 5 kids - cause when you have 5, what's 5 more - right?) For them, this is their second summer vacation and they were so excited. (And Mike/Jody - as far as I know, Tucker did NOT sneak the rabbit in the car this morning, so need to worry about more baby rabbits being passed on from our household).

I'll update with more as I hear it.