Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Viral Infection

So much has occurred since I last posted. Let me provide a quick update.

Titus has been in great health through most of the winter. He has been progressing at school and therapy. There are so many little areas he is improving in. For example, when you pick him up, he wraps his arms and holds on to you. His teacher at school swears he knows his colors, and he still remains one of the most content and happiest little boys you could meet. He even lost one of his front teeth in the last few weeks (just like Tucker did) so they are really cute with their missing front teeth.

Several weeks ago, Titus developed a lingering cough that wouldn't go away. After a few weeks, and after a difficult night, Becky took him to the ER to have lab work done to see what was brewing. We were a little surprised to find out he had pneumonia and he was checked in for a 5-day stay. As Becky always states, this is his annual "tune-up". Since Titus didn't act sick while he was there, he pretty much charmed his way into all his nurses and therapists heart while he was there.

When he came home last week, he remained on two antibiotics. Yesterday, he started running a fever - which is a little strange when you have been on a high-powered antibiotic for over a week. Just to be sure, Becky took him back to the ER to have lab work and x-rays done. While his lab work came back in normal ranges, it appears he has a viral respiratory bug. The doctors admitted him to the hospital for observation. Since Titus' lungs are always in a fragile state, we can't be too careful when it comes to this type of situation.

On top of this, Aidan, Noah, and I are set to leave for Germany with 73 other youth/adults for the AWOL (A Work of Love) mission trip. We leave Friday afternoon and will return the following Friday. In the past, I have only been out of town during one of Titus' hospital stays, but I was a short flight away. I am not feeling comfortable being on the other side of the world if he is still in the hospital. I would appreciate your prayers for Titus' health and for direction on this trip. I know God will do an incredible and mighty work (with or without me). My prayer is for peace.

And since I last posted about my job, I am still in the market for a new job. I worked an HR contract position for several months (which was an incredible provision during the holiday season). Meanwhile, I have had consistent interviews with several companies. Yesterday I received some encouraging news and continue to pray for God's direction. I will say, as a family, we have been humbled and blessed by God's provision during this time. God is good - all the time.

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Cheryl said...

Prayers for peace for you and healing for sweet Titus...